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The company I am associated with is planning to offer its opportunity in China soon as part of its worldwide expansion. This is a self-employment opportunity so it's not for everyone, but entrepreneurs with high personal ethics and a desire to "do good, while doing well" will thrive. If anyone in your group is interested in learning more please contact Michele at bassociates42@qwest.net.

Charles Claybrooks

Dear Sir and Madam,

Our company, The Note Investors Group is in the business of purchasing future payments streams that result from owner financed mortgages, personal injury lawsuits and lottery winnings.
We specialize in providing a lump sum of cash now for future payments paid by insurance companies/lottery commissions.

We have helped numerous individuals reach their financial goals by selling future payments. These individuals have been able to purchase new homes, buy new cars, send their children to college, consolidate bills, and purchase many other necessities and luxuries.

We offer you the option of selling all or part of your remaining payments. We will tailor a buyout that benefits you, the client.

If you know of an annuitant who is interested in receiving a lump sum of cash now, please have them to call one of our customer service representatives today at (414) 5178737. We will be happy to give him or her a free, no-obligation quote of their annuities/lottery winnings’ present-day value.
Call today.

Kindest Regards,

The Note Investors Group, Representative,
Charles Claybrooks

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