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The Metroparks are a wonderful, unique, and (in my opinion) under-utilised and under-recognized resource in Cleveland. Walking the Metroparks is awesome.

That said, many of Cleveland's neighborhoods and the suburbs leave a lot to be desired in terms of walkability. I lived in Missoula, MT and tons of people are out walking all the time, at all hours. Streets and sidewalks are well kept and pedestrian friendly. When I moved back here, I was surprised at how few walkers I saw (and I lived in Coventry at the time).

It's sad to see eminently walkable neighborhoods (particularly Shaker Square) fall into decline. People need something to walk *to*, and they need to feel safe while doing it. And places like Middleburg Heights and Strongsville - suburbs that seem totally taken over by retail, which (IMO) have little character, and could be "Anywhere USA"- aren't really great places to walk either. I'm probably not the only one who dislikes walking through a strip-mall district.

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